Phillips Saw & Tool is a certified weld center for Industrial bandsaw blades. Over 50 years of experience and large financial investments allow automated CTL (Cut To Length) machines to provide consistent weld and anneal zones, ensuring quality and dependability. Partnering with ALO Teknik, we custom designed the newest ALO 177-xM3 machine to enable weld centers more flexibility and productivity.  Below we have highlighted three key components to our ever growing weld center: Advanced Laser Measuring, High Production Capacity and Dependable Welds. We currently offer welded to length band saw blades for distributors and end users


Advanced measurements highlight even the smallest  inconsistencies in manufacturing. For this reason, PSAWS constantly challenges manufacturers to produce the highest quality material available. When customer’s operations incorporate expensive material, it is imperative each blade cut material consistently, reducing operating costs. Tooth matching is also critical in operations incorporating a resharpening program, requiring the tooth pitch to be consistent through out.  


PSAWS custom magazine design provides extreme capacity while allowing operators to efficiently change between material, maintaining production requirements. Our new CTL machine traverses material at 3.2 meters per second, outperforming previous CTL models and manual cut operations.   Current production capacity can easily reach over 1,750 bands per day depending on material length and thickness, providing distributors and end users consistent inventory and on-time delivery. 


An effective band saw blade must have a perfect weld and anneal. This is critical in maintaining production numbers and operating costs.  Our industrial welders incorporate automatic annealing through the use of an infra-red spectral pyrometer.  This guarantees equal transfer of heat, providing a weld joint that is as strong as the band strip material itself.  It is not normal for bands to continually break at the weld.  Contact us if you are battling continuous broken welds.