We only distribute the highest performing blades: Amada, Lenox, Wikus, Bahco, RoentgenWoodmizer and Freedom.  We believe each manufacturer offers a great performing band for specific applications, in certain industries. Focusing on common requests from customers, we have highlighted three production objectives within each industry (ferrous, nonferrous and wood). We stand behind our weld / anneal zone and guarantee performance every time (within feasible cutting parameters). 


STRAIGHT CUTS / NO PINCHING is available using a set style tooth pattern, eliminating issues in high stress metals. Wide kerf clearance enables plunge cutting in the most extreme conditions, reducing heat and wear.

WIDE RANGE OF MATERIALS / PROLONGED LIFE with HSS edge wire and micro grained carbide tips. These advancements increase tooth hardness for better abrasion resistance cutting a wide range of material, minimizing premature band failure. 

PREVENTING HEAT  / IMPROVED CHIP LOADS using exotic coatings, forcing even more heat into the chips, instead of the blade or workpiece. Variable tooth height and multi-level set reduce cutting forces.



HIGH CUTTING SPEEDS / EXTENDED BLADE LIFE possible with advanced tooth edge, designed to wear slowly when cutting nonferrous material. Multi-chip tooth patterns are available to balance chip load and reduce cutting forces.

INCREASED RATES / EXCEPTIONAL PART FINISH utilizing precision ground teeth, deep gullet design and positive rake angles. Advanced features allow easy penetration, improving chip removal and preventing material build up on the tooth edge. 

STRAIGHT CUTS / LARGE CROSS SECTION cutting with high alloy backing steel and fatigue resistant gullet geometries. Ultimately minimizing impact of wide guide spacing and chip load.


FASTER CUTTING / INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY with improved beam strength for high feed rates, associated with demanding resaw and dismantling operations. Improved backing steel provides extended fatigue life.

VERSATILE OPERATIONS / SMOOTH SURFACES with wider gauges and precision ground carbide tips delivering the straightest cuts. Blades available for a variety of applications: general purpose, frozen lumber, exotic or difficult to machine.  

MINIMIZE DUST ON SAWN BOARDS with unique tooth design reducing or eliminating secondary dedusting operations. Precision engineered set teeth reduce cutting forces, improving chip removal.