The tool tracking software applied today was specifically designed and tested for customers serviced on regular interval schedules. The mobile platform, utilizing tablet pc’s, can provide information on how many tools the customer currently has in-house at any given moment. Numerous advanced features allow PSAWS to concentrate / highlight three main areas of focus regarding tool management: UNDERSTAND CUSTOMERS, STREAMLINE COMMUNICATION and PRO-ACTIVE NOT RE-ACTIVE.


We are able to track individual tooling for customers, assisting in benchmarking and efficiency.  This feature allows us to see what types of tools are serviced at each location, categorized by tool type and individual specification. Better understanding of tooling percentages create specific points of contact at each location. Custom reports are available, highlighting frequency of various services within specific timeframes. This information can compare with production schedules and operating costs.


Our goal is to streamline communication between manufacturer and end user. Our service technician can pickup, deliver, collect signatures, and prepare pack lists all from the mobile platform. Customer signed invoices are automatically emailed nightly. This flexibility allows various levels of management to stay informed without being present during servicing. For example, a manager, supervisor and plant superintendent can all receive the same service report, aiding in internal communication.  



Everyone experiences machine failure or quality issues at some point in operation. The potential concern needs to be addressed immediately, reducing future negative implications. Our software has built-in features for problem resolution, enabling service technicians to declare issues with specific tooling. Each report contains images and comments addressing specific concerns. This report provides the end user an opportunity to review the resolution, ensuring the issue was handled properly.