Phillips Saw & Tool continues to invest in state of the art technology advancing sharpening capabilites. Today, manufacturers world wide recognize advancements in regrinding operations, finding product once meant for single use can be re-manufactured back to OEM specs for multiple uses. Below we have highlighted three core foundations to our ever growing TCT / Cermet Service Department: Consistent Sharpening, Automated Brazing and Exact Tension / Run-out. All services are offer to distributors and end users looking to expand sawing operations.


Our TCT/Cermet service center showcases 24-HR, automated grinding capabilities. This provides efficient and precise grinding of complex tooth geometries in a single pass. Robotic loading systems utilize CNC controlled axes and measuring devices for double-sided peripheral, top and face grinding options. Intuitive design & engineering provide the capacity for 4,000 individual profiles. Application specific cutting geometries highlight this station.


When needed, broken teeth and complete retips are serviced on our automated brazer. Laser measuring guides accurately position the saw tip, minimizing wasted grinding time. Powerful, yet precisely controlled heating and annealing ensures an optimal bond without affecting blade tension. Our brazer automatically re-tips or manufacturers up to 10 blades per hour, allowing us to service large sawing operations with minimal service time required.  


Each blade requires application specific tension and run-out to achieve the highest performance obtainable. Our in house hammering department specializes in applying exactly what is required. For example, the same diameter blade cutting ferrous and nonferrous material requires different tension. Once new benchmarks for efficiency and production have been implemented, continuous improvements through out the operation will follow.