TCT / Cermet Circular Saw Blades are predominately used for cutting many different shapes and types of ferrous, nonferrous and wood material. We only distribute the highest performing blades: Kinkelder, Julia, Kanefusa, Skarpaz, Lenox and FSTool.  We believe each manufacturer offers blades for certain applications. Diameters range from 8” (200mm) to 90” (2300mm) in various tooth profiles. All blades are made of quality steel with robotic, state-of-the-art equipment. Each plate is checked twice for quality and consistency, once by hand during manufacturing and later on a computer-controlled system after completion to ensure all tolerances. Blades can be custom-made to customer’s exact specifications or highlight common plate features (not limited to): copper plugs, epoxy filled dampening slots, thread holes, etc. 


FAST CUTTING / EXCEPTIONAL FINISH is achieved combining high cutting speeds with the fine cut finish of cold sawing. Cermet’s self-sharpening wear pattern keeps cutting forces low even after extended use, resulting in mirrored smooth surfaces. 

INDUSTRIAL DEMANDS / UNRIVALED OUTPUT from blades designed specificially for high output operations.  Single or Twin machines cutting no, minimal or large ID-scarf. Cutting speeds: 80 - 600 m/min. Common Machines: Rattunde, Mair, MTM, RSA, OTO Mills, Adige, Nakata and Olympia.

VERSATILITY IN HIGH STRESS OPERATION through blades developed for heavy cutting applications creating mechanical stress. Our blades provide flexibility among material specs and cutting parameters. Common shapes include: steel pipes, tubes, sections & rails.



COMPLEX EXTRUSIONS / THIN KERF blades are 20% thinner than conventional saw blades, providing tremendous material savings and reduction of recycling costs. A thinner kerf creates clean cuts, reduced harmonics and increased production.

SIMPLIFY SAWING / ADVANCED CARBIDE makes cutting all types of non-ferrous metal simple and easy. Specially formulated teeth retain extremely sharp edges, extending tool life and maintaining consistent chip removal. Operations can simplify cutting of plate, extrusion and solid material.

STRAIGHT CUTS IN LARGE SOLIDS is possible by incorporating heavier gauge steel plates used to withstand rigors associated with sawing larger dimensional pieces. Incorporating appropriate side clearance and relief geometries provide straight, consistent cutting.


HEAVY RIP SAWING / CUSTOM DESIGN flat tensioned plates enable truer run-out for smoother finish and exact dimensions. Specific designs utilize inside and outside wipers, manufactured according to customer’s application and requirements.

CROSS CUTTING / INCREASE YIELD applying a thinner kerf, enabling tremendous increases while making less cutting pressure for very clean cuts. Laser slit designs allow reduced plate thickness without compromising lateral stiffness. Blades will produce less swarf operating at extreme cycle times.

FINISH CUTS / EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY that outlast conventional saw blades up to 2 times. This results are possible utilizing: straight / tensioned plates, vibration dampening slits, exotic carbide grades and advanced coatings. Common materials: veneer, melamine, HPL, MDF and HDF.