Segmental saw blades were developed to increase cutting capacity while maintaining reasonable costs associated with early post war sawing. Chrome vanadium bodies are made of alloyed steel, tensioned and straightened with a strength of approx. 1400 N/mm². Tooth segments can be replaced if teeth are broken or chipped. Segments are offered in riveted M-2 or M-35 high speed steel, incorporating cobalt. M-35 segments guarantee optimum protection of wear and extended life of the saw blade. 

Sizes range from 10” (250mm) to 120” (3050mm) diameter in various tooth profiles. Typical ferrous applications include structural, tube and profile sawing, utilizing slow rotational speeds with higher chip loads per tooth. Nonferrous applications include aluminum, brass and copper billets, incorporating fast rotational speeds and consistent chip loads to maximize performance, sawing billet from 8” (200mm) to 48” (1220mm) in diameter.


Common Sawing Machines

Kaltenbach, Trennjeager, Wagner, Loma, Kasto, Ohler, Espon Lucas, Gernetti, Hener, Motchand and Versakut