Our HSS / Cold saw service stations specialize in sharpening and hammering services. Specifically, re-sharpening and toothing of HSS, Friction, Segmental and Solid Tungsten Carbide saw blades. Precise, automated sharpening capabilities provide customers with application specific, toothing geometries. From manual cold sawing to automated steel mills, PSAWS offers the best sawing solutions for improving production while reducing costs. Our CNC-control system allows consistent re-sharpening, re-toothing, chamfering and cutting of teeth for new / repaired blades. Robotic blade loading provides around the clock servicing, allowing blades to quickly return to the customer, reducing potential downtime.

It is essential to have the specific tooth form required per each operation. OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers heavily depend on Phillips Saw & Tool as a key resource in their HSS cutting operations. PSAWS HSS service departments understand each customer's application is unique and presents certain challenges. The customer is only limited by their willingness to improve operations. Our advanced machinery and application knowledge eliminate error and achieve unsurpassable results.