HSS (high speed steel) cold saw blades are usually made from either M2 (DMo5) or M35 (Co5) tool steel, alloyed with additional cobalt. Blades are predominately used for cutting many different shapes and types of ferrous and nonferrous metal including: tubes, extrusions, structural sections, billets, bars, ingots, castings, forgings etc. A high rockwell hardness gives the cutting edge a great resistance to heat and wear. Reduced material waste and increased production rates are available with advanced coating technology and additional cobalt. We only distribute the highest performing blades: Julia, Kinkelder, Re-Bo, Ott+Heugel and Stark.  We believe each manufacturer offers specific blades for certain applications. Sizes range from 6.5” (160mm) to 24.5” (620mm) diameter in various tooth profiles.

DMo5 / M-2

High speed steel containing high contents of tungsten and molybdenum. For cutting steels and alloys between 500 N/mm² and 800 N/mm². 

Co5 / M-35

Super high speed steel containing 5% cobalt, providing great hardness at high temperatures. For cutting stainless steel and metals above 800 N/mm². 

Common Sawing Machines

Scotchman, Rattunde, Wagner, Kasto, Kaltenbach, Dake, Ohler, Bewo, Oto Mills, MTM, Hydmech, Fong Ho, Jet, Soco, Baleigh, Dame, Haberle, Doringer, Versakut, Eisele, Pedrazoli, Adige, Brown, Rohbi, Thomas, Kalamazoo, Startrite, Brobo, Sala, IBP, MEP, Winter, Heller, Hydromat