Friction saw blades are used in industrial flying or stationary sawing operations cutting structural beams, tubular products, steel grating, culvert pipe and other steel shapes at very high peripheral speeds, 18,000 to 26,000 SFPM. Though the applications are quite different, both friction sawing and hot sawing utilize friction saw blades. In friction sawing the high peripheral speed causes the workpiece to melt and hot steel is swept out of the cut. Hot sawing is a much less severe application than friction sawing, requiring only a fraction of the energy required to cut cold material. 

Blades are available in a variety of tooth shapes, in both Chrome Vanadium (CrV) and Tungsten Molybdenum (Mo) with the option of chromium coating to extend blade life and avoid tooth chipping. Heat treatment gives a hardness between 38 and 46 HRc depending on the materials to be cut. Through Hardened Blades up to 60" diameter (1525mm) and Flame Hardened Blades up to 100" diameter (2500mm)

Common Sawing Machines

Abbey Etna, Dreistern, Mannesmann, Oto Mills, MTM, Danieli, Schloemann‐Siemag, Siemens VAI and SMS