Below we are highlighting four common sectors we service within the Ferrous industry: AUTOMOTIVE, OIL & GAS, AEROSPACE and DEFENSE. With the rising demand for stronger, lighter alloys, it is crucial end users have a trusted source for advanced tooling options. Precision cutting tools include: Carbide Tipped Saw Blades, Cermet Tipped Saw Blades, Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades, Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades, HSS Cold Saw Blades, Friction Saw Blades and Segmental Saw Blades.


As a key resource in the automative sector, PSAWS combines lean manufacturing and integrated supply to provide OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers the competitive edge. Our advanced services provide companies JIT (Just In Time) production to avoid excess inventory.


This sector depends heavily on steel mills for pipe that transports crude oil to earth's surface. Characteristics that make this pipe suitable for transport:    extreme temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance, also create issues when sawing. Our blades provide burr free finished parts.


This sector demands newer materials withstanding higher temperatures under pressure. To meet this need, HRSAs (heat-resistant super alloys), such as titanium and nickel, are further developed. These materials are extremely difficult to cut, meaning shorter tool life.


From Battle Tank to Naval Destroyer, side arm to sidewinder, Defense contractors depend on advanced super alloys to provide strength, durability and longevity. PSAWS advanced saw blades feature new coatings and grades of carbide to meet the highest demands.