PSAWS offers a leading manufacturer in industrial lubrication and coolant: Condat Coolants. Since its foundation in 1854, the Condat group has become internationally recognized for its diverse range of specialty lubricants and chemical products. Condat manufactures and supplies solutions to a wide variety of metal forming and metal working industries. For more than 20 years, Condat has developed vegetable oils for replacing mineral oils. In 2009, Condat proposed a range of soluble oils for metal working formulated from vegetable based esters. These oils show high lubricating power and good stability. Condat excels in the development and production of value-added lubricants for a variety of industrial applications.

FORGING operations: open die forging, hot forging, aerospace and non-ferrous alloy forging. Coolant is designed for operations involving steel, aluminum, yellow metals and special alloys.

CASTING operations: permanent mold coating, high pressure casting, gravity casting, low pressure die casting, horizontal & vertical squeeze casting. Condat focuses on environmental and productivity criteria.

MACHINING operations: metal cutting, turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, EDM and press stamping. Condat has developed a complete product range for all nonferrous and ferrous material.

EXTRUSION operations: cold and hot billets, shear blade lubricants, saw lubricants and more. Lubricants highlight: higher productivity, reduced tool wear, improved surface finish and environmental protection.