PSAWS collaborates directly with the end user to create benchmark figures for performance, efficiency and consistency.  To further improve blade efficiency and operator confidence, we offer on-site training for proper saw blade operation and maintenance. Important characteristics of sawing are discussed (not limited to): recommended cutting speeds and feeds associated with material specifications, acceptable auditory levels while sawing and maintaining appropriate lubrication ratios. We acknowledge our precision saw blades perform at peak levels when all facets of the cutting operation are in sync. Professional recommendations for tooling and sawing machinery go hand in hand when providing achievable production goals.  

PSAWS partners with each customer to create a unique service plan.  These service plans outline details pertaining to tool management, frequency of servicing, personnel or location contacts, designated location(s) for tool pick-up / return, data tracking from tool performance, etc.  Within this service plan, customers have the option of VMI (vendor managed inventory) services.  This hands on approach provides consistent inventory management, reducing excess surplus for the end user.  VMI services allow decision makers to concentrate on internal production objectives, providing resources associated with the bottom line.

PSAWS works directly with manufacturers to engineer and design custom sawing cells utilizing circular saw blades and band saw blades. These specialized designs often include material handling equipment (overhead crane, conveyor systems, roller tables, etc) and sawing machinery.  We are actively involved with all departments to set forth realistic production expectations, determining if goals are applicable to current manufacturing capabilities. Sawing cells can be as simple or elaborate as the customer desires, highlighting one or several high performance cutting machines. All concepts directly reflect resources allocated to the project: available timeframe, floor space and finances. Cooperation within other departments is critical in achieving objectives set forth from the end user.