Phillips Tool Co. was established in Jefferson, IN in 1959 by Ted Phillips, specializing in tool & die manufacturing for local industry. In 1962 Ted began sharpening saw blades and welding band saw blades, extending manufacturing capabilities. Current President, Jeff Chynoweth, joined Ted in 1981 after honorably serving in the US Navy and marrying Ted's daughter, Kathy Phillips, in 1979. After 26 years of leading Phillips Tool Co., Ted passed away in 1985.  

Between 1985 and 1988, Jeff shifted the focus from tool & die manufacturing to concentrate on servicing and manufacturing circular saw blades and band saw blades. In 1989, Phillips Tool Co. officially became Phillips Saw & Tool (PSAWS).  Now, Jordan Chynoweth, a third generation, has become actively involved in operations. PSAWS continues to honor founding principles while striving to improve sawing operations for future generations. Today, PSAWS operates in Frankfort, IN, utilizing one of the largest service centers in the country. This modern, 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, services blades for the ferrous, nonferrous and wood industries.


PSAWS currently supports end users through out North and South America with quality products and service. PSAWS is proud to partner with end users to improve operations. Communication between companies is essential to quality service and products. 

Through constant care to research and development, the use of domestic materials and procedures are instilled to ensure the highest quality available. Providing consistent service and quality products allow PSAWS to be "Pro-Active" not "Re-Active."


PSAWS is continuously seeking new materials & manufacturing processes to provide innovative solutions and improve current cutting methodology. Our immergence with worldwide partners support advanced solutions previously not offered to end users.

Each Service Center supports and implements industry exclusive grinding geometries, increasing production while reducing costs. Service technicians ensure reliability utilizing state-of-the-art machinery operating around the clock.


Our goal is simple, take the end user's toughest application and improve current performance and servicing. Constant attention to detail and procedure allow PSAWS to provide quick problem solving strategies. 

Production downtime or troubling applications are no longer a concern for the end user. PSAWS provides same day and 24 HR servicing to ensure production is not limited. Service technicians travel throughout the country to provide solutions and logistics.